DateAmericanWomen.com + DateBritishGuys.com
A letter from our founder.
The site was created by Ben and Becca Elman in 2010. Three months later the famous BP oil spill and a world cup match between USA and England put the original website: datebritishguys.com (DBG) into the international press. For the next 10 years DBG grew in size, had many love stories, some weddings, and some babies, but all the while there was a constant shortage of British men. We literally had 40-50 new women joining per day, and like four British men. Imagine a dating website or indeed a nightclub, where there are four to five times more single women than men, and all the women have been told in advance that you are arriving soon and you have a cute accent (they all love your British accent. 1-0 to you). It is like showing up to a friend’s wedding and being eyed up by all the bridesmaids. Awesome!
What I can promise you, and I would like to believe I’m a man of my word, is an authentic experience where 99% of the women you interact with on this site are really hoping to meet a British guy. For American women, they have datebritishguys.com and for you and all the British single men interested in Americans, we have dateamericanwomen.com. So just to recap, lots of beautiful American women are thinking the same thing you are, “I wonder if I can find someone special here.
Please sign up and verify today to get completely free membership and site access. We use an Experian portal to run your drivers licence. We do not permanently store your data, and we do not pass it onto any other organization. If you would like to verify an alternative way please contact us via email to discuss options (we could arrange a skype call also). It means so much to our American female members that nearly every British male they speak with on this website has proven they are who they say they are. Considering the distance and time involved to make a transatlantic romance work we really don’t want time wasters and bad actors. Our female members’ feedback consistently shows they are happy with the quality of men on the site (and just want more quantity now).
Becca and I hope you really get lucky with this site. It may take a while to find the right one – but we believe your odds are much higher on our site than on most others due to the female to male member ratio.

Ben Elman Ph.D. is a psychologist based out of State College, PA, USA. He lives with his wife Rebecca (a professional chef) and son Theo (a little rascal).