How To Impress The Woman You Are Dating


Casual dating can turn into a relationship… or it can disintegrate into nothing. So if you are dating a woman and you want it to turn into a long-term relationship, you should make an effort to impress her from day one.

Here are five easy ways to impress the woman you are dating.


1. Write her a letter

If you really want to impress a woman, write her a letter that explains how you feel. Modern technology has mostly replaced letter writing, but most women would love to receive a heart-felt letter. This is because it requires more time and effort to write a letter, and she will be able to keep it forever if she wants.


2. Try to create a memory

You could also try to create memories whenever you are together. For instance, you could suggest that a song you listen to together should be the song for your relationship, or you could take her back to a special location (such as the place you went for your first date). It doesn’t have to require a lot of effort; you could simply take pictures together or give her a small gift!


3. Cook a meal

A meal at a restaurant is a lot of fun, but if you really want to impress her you should try cooking her a meal from scratch. It could be her favourite meal, or breakfast in bed; either way it is likely she will be impressed!


4. Listen

You don’t always have to make a big effort to impress a woman; simply listening to her talk will make her feel great.


5. Kiss her forehead

Non-sexual intimacy is very important to most women, so it is likely she will be impressed by a simply forehead kiss. Put your hands gently on the side of her face, and then kiss her forehead and her cheeks). This will make her feel special and appreciated.

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