How To Attract The Right Woman


Nowadays hook-up culture is very popular, and this can make it harder for people to find serious, long term partners. If you are struggling to meet a woman who you can actually see yourself settling down with, you may feel frustrated and demoralised – but in reality it is still entirely possible to attract an amazing woman.

There are lots of wonderful women online who are also looking for serious, committed relationships – you just need to know how to find them!

Here are five tips to help you attract the right woman.


1. Quit Playing Games

If you want to attract a mature woman who knows what she wants, leave the games at the door. If you think that ignoring messages for days and uploading pictures with another woman is a good way to grab her interest, you will only attract immature, possibly insecure women. A women who is aware of her value won’t let someone treat her badly, especially if you are still in the dating stage and not a serious relationship.


2. Don’t Focus On Bars And Clubs

There is nothing wrong with using bars and clubs as a potentional place to meet women, but this shouldn’t be the only place you try to find a partner. This is because many women don’t take men as seriously if they are drunk in a club, and they may assume that you are a player if they see you approach multiple women.

Instead try meeting people at places where you will be sober, such as a coffee shop or a cooking class, or consider using online dating. This will make it easier for you to make a genuine connection with someone who you have something in common with!


3. Realize Money Isn’t Important

Most women don’t want a man with lots of money; what they really want is a man who is motivated and ambitious. However there are still people who will take advantage of other people who are generous with their money, so you should never use your money to try and impress your crush. This is because you will be more likely to attract someone who is just interested in your money – not your personality, your time or your loyalty.


4. Be Nice!

Lots of men are scared that being nice to women will result in them being friendzoned, but in reality this isn’t the case. If you are too nice, or a pushover, you might get friendzoned – but a normal level of niceness will impress the right woman. Class and respect will never go unnoticed by a mature woman!

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