How To Get A Girlfriend


Sometimes society portrays men as less loyal and loving than women, but in reality this is far from true. Lots of single men want to find love and romance – and this is especially true for British men!

But how exactly do you get a girlfriend? While everyone is unique and has different tastes, there is a simple formula that you can follow to increase your chances of getting a girlfriend.

Here are six tips to help you get a girlfriend.


1. How To Get A Girlfriend: Make Yourself More Noticeable

Make yourself more physically noticeable by wearing accessories or items of clothing that women find attractive. A nice leather jacket is always a good move, or a well-tailored suit. You could even think about getting that tattoo that you always wanted! This will make you stand out more, but it is important not to dress as someone else; just go for items that you genuinely like (but are maybe a little nervous to wear).


2. Be Direct

You should also be direct about how you feel (whether you are talking online or in person). If you are attracted to her, let her know. You don’t have to go over the top, or spend ages talking about your feelings; just tell her how you feel and then move the conversation along. This means she will understand that you’re not looking for friendship, but she will have time to consider how to respond.


3. Tease Her (Occasionally!)

You should also occasionally tease your crush to create a little sexual tension. Joking with her will show her that you can have a laugh together, and it will also make you seem like a funny guy – so this is a win-win situation! Just make sure that the jokes aren’t too frequent; no-one likes to feel like they are being laughed at or mocked.


4. Get Her Phone Number

If you really like a girl you should try to get her phone number within the first few conversations. This will help to take things to the next level, and it also means that you can talk more frequently. Of course it is important not to be pushy with this; if a woman doesn’t want to give you her phone number, don’t try to pressure her into handing it over. This will probably just result in a fake number and no further communication!


5. Focus The Conversation On Her

It can also be useful to focus the conversation on her at the beginning. Lots of men try to focus the conversation on themselves so that they can show off, but this is pretty off-putting to most women. Instead have a natural conversation, but remember to ask her questions about herself throughout. This means that you will learn more about her, so it will be easier to make her happy in the future, and it also shows her that you are definitely interested in her.


6. Make Her Feel Special

Finally you should take the time to make the woman feel special. Compliment her picture online, and hold the door open for her in person. These small gestures are sure to put a smile on her face!

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