Compliments She Wants To Hear


When it comes to compliments, it is easy to get it wrong. Many men approach a woman online or in real life with a planned line, and they often find that they are instantly rejected. This can be demoralising and frustrating, but normally it is because the man is using the wrong kind of compliment.

Many guys go for a compliment like “you’re so pretty/beautiful/gorgeous”, which may seem flattering, but sometimes it can come across in a different way.

If you want to give a compliment that a woman actually wants to hear, don’t worry. Here are some of the best compliments you can give a woman.


1. “You have a great smile”

The main problem with “you’re so pretty” is that it is very general, so you could use it on almost any woman. For this reason it isn’t a very flattering compliment; instead it can seem like a throwaway line that you have used on many girls in the past.

If you really want to compliment a woman based on her appearance, you should pick out one (non-sexual, obviously) thing about her that you like, such as her smile or her hair. This makes the compliment seem much more genuine!


2. “What do you think? I always value your opinion”

This may not seem like a huge compliment, but many women will find it flattering as it shows that you respect and value their thoughts. This is a great way to let her know that you think she is intelligent and insightful, and it isn’t forward or sleazy so there is no chance that it will make her feel awkward or turned off.


3. “You nailed it!”

This is another subtle compliment that shows that you appreciate her. You could say this after she cooks a meal or gives a presentation at work, and it will boost her confidence and make her feel valued.


4. “You’re great at your job”

You may be thinking “all of these compliments are so subtle!” but in reality this is what most women prefer. Lots of women dislike appearance-based compliments as they can make the guy seem too keen too quickly – or even worse, they make him seem sleazy. This compliment is much more flattering as you are telling her that she is great at something she cares about; her job!


5. “You’re so thoughtful”

Everyone has bad and good traits, and it feels great when someone notices and points out one of your good traits. If you are talking to a woman and you know that she is a good listener, take the time to let her know. Most people really appreciate a genuine compliment, and this is a great way to highlight the fact that you appreciate her for who she is.

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