American Woman Of The Week: Midwesterngirl

American Woman Of The Week: Midwesterngirl

Meet our wonderful American woman of the week, Midwesterngirl!

Midwesterngirl is 36, and she joined our dating site this year in the hopes of meeting a British man.

Check out her profile here.

We decided to sit down with her to find out more about what she is looking for…

What made you decide to join /

“I love to travel and meet others, but since I can’t do that now – thought I’d see who I might meet on here!”

Tell us a bit about yourself.

“So I’m from the Midwestern US, and I work for the federal government. I love all things Marvel, and I also love theater, musicals and live music (goodness, I miss concerts).”

“I’ve recently got into Dungeons and Dragons, and I really love photography and writing as well. I’m a sucker for an accent and a good sense of humor (if you make, and then laugh at, your own bad jokes, we’ll get along just fine). I’m also a huge animal lover.”

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

“Pre-Covid, I liked to travel and explore new cities, go to concerts, gigs, and movies. There are also a few things I enjoy that COVID hasn’t affected (thankfully!), which are taking photos, reading, and writing.”

Describe your perfect first date.

“I think something that is thoughtful is perfect. I love low-key places like coffee shops and bookstores, so a nice dinner then wandering to see some live music or a bookstore would be so much fun!”

Are you looking for a serious relationship?

“I am! I would love to find a partner to spend time with (and hopefully travel and have adventures with once it’s safe to do so!).”

 Do you prefer coffee or tea?

“Absolutely coffee. I don’t just love coffee, I *need* coffee. Think Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls (my favorite show, by the way!).”

 Do you own any pets?

“I do! I adopted two sister kittens back in November – Luna and Willow. They’re either tiny terrors or total snuggle bugs, but ultimately adorable – so I love them either way.”


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