Read This If You’re Dating Someone Younger

Dating Someone Younger

You’ve found the perfect person for you. They make you smile every day, and you love spending time with them – but they are slightly younger than you.

This may not be big deal to you too, especially if you both love each other, but an age gap can cause some problems. Their friends and family might be wary about the relationship, and it is likely that you and your partner will have very different life experiences.

Thankfully this doesn’t have to be a problem; you just need to know how to navigate any issues that crop up. Here are three things you should know about dating someone younger than you.


1. Try To Be Tolerant If Your Partner Has A Different Perspective

You might have more life experience than your partner, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss your partner’s opinions if/when you disagree. Remember that their point is just as valid as yours – and you shouldn’t use your partner’s age against them, especially when you chose to be with them! So try to be open-minded when it comes to disagreements (while still respecting your own opinion).


2. Don’t Bring Their Age Up Frequently

It can be tempting to bring up the age difference in jest, but this could be a bad move – especially if your partner is worried that you only like them for their age. So avoid making jokes about them being younger, and instead try to show them that you are with them for more genuine reasons.


3. Her Parents And Friends May Have Questions

Most parents want to protect their child, even when they are grown up, so if they find out their child is dating someone older they may have concerns. This might be a little frustrating for you, especially if you’ve been together for a while, but it is important to understand they are just looking out for their child. So if you are serious about the relationship, spend some time proving it to the parents; spend time with them and your partner together, and be respectful during those times. This will impress both your partner and their parents – a win-win situation!

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