Signs You’re In The “Friend Zone”

Signs You’re In The “Friend Zone”

You’ve been speaking to a woman you really like, and you really want to start dating her. She is everything you’re looking for in a relationship; she is beautiful, funny and kind – there’s only one problem. She doesn’t seem as interested in you, but she still talks to you and spends time with you.

Can you relate to this experience? If so, it is possible you’re in the ‘friend zone’. While American women do generally find British men appealing, this isn’t always the case – and you could definitely still be friend zoned if you’re not her type.

Here are four signs you’re in the ‘friend zone’.

  1. They Can Talk To You About Anything 

    Your crush is very comfortable around you, and they seem willing to talk to you about anything. This includes meaningful subjects, but it also includes crude jokes, personal issues and other subjects that could be classed as “TMI”. Sure, it is good to be open with each other – but if someone likes you back, they will normally try to present the best version of themselves (rather than both the good and the bad sides).

  2. You Always Do What They Want To DoThe other person is rarely willing to do what you want to do; instead they try to dictate how you spend time together. They decide when you talk (which could be inconvenient for you) and what you talk about, and you go along with it because you’re willing to make an effort to develop the relationship. The only problem? They aren’t willing to make any effort with you, so you only do things together when it suits them.


  3. They Often Invite Other People When You Spend Time TogetherIf you suggest going on a date, they decide to invite friends along. If you arrange a Zoom date, they often stay in the same room as their housemate or friend. This indicates that they’d rather spend time with you in a group, which indicates they see you as a friend rather than a romantic partner.
  4. They Talk About Other Women With YouFinally your crush often talks about setting you up with other women. You may be tempted to assume they are doing this to work out if you want to date other people, but in reality this is rarely the case; after all, very few people are willing to sabotage a potential relationship to find out if you like them or not! This can be upsetting, but it could be a good thing – after all, the person they are trying to set you up with could actually be your soulmate!
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