Dating Tips Men Should Ignore


The internet is filled with dating advice for men. Some of this advice is very helpful, and it makes it much easier for men to find their perfect woman – but some of the advice is totally useless. In fact, some tips will actually make it harder for you to find someone, rather than easier!

Here are five dating tips men should definitely ignore.


1. Wait Until The End Of The Date To Kiss Her

Lots of dating advice websites tell men to wait until the end of the first date to go for the kiss, but in reality you should just read the other person to work out if/when you should kiss them. For instance, if you are having a wonderful first date and your crush is sat right next to you, looking into your eyes and touching your knee, then maybe you should make the move then – and if your crush doesn’t really seem interested, you should probably avoid kissing them altogether.

Sure, there is nothing wrong with kissing your date at the end of the night if it feels right… but if it feels awkward or uncomfortable, don’t do it. Waiting until the end puts a lot of pressure on both people, and it can really ruin the moment, so just do it when it feels right!


2. Wait Until The Third Date For Sex

Ah, the classic third date sex rule. This rule has existed for decades, but in reality you should just do what feels natural for you and your date. Some people sleep together on the first date and spend the rest of their lives together, while other people don’t sleep together for months and they are still very happy together. Waiting to have sex doesn’t mean that your relationship is more likely to last, so just do what makes you happy.


3. Message Her A Lot

Many dating advice articles tell men to message their crush a lot to keep the attraction alive, but in reality this can be pretty off-putting. Instead you should try to match the other person’s effort; if they message you multiple times a day, try to do the same, but if they prefer their space don’t constantly message them.


4. Be The Bad Guy

Some dating websites say that woman like a bad guy, but this advice is pretty immature. The vast majority of adult women want a nice man who makes them feel special and loved. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a few badass traits (such as riding a motorbike!), but having badass traits isn’t the same as being a straight up bad person.


5. Don’t Tell Her You Like Her Right Away

If you like someone, you should tell them. It can be tempting to put it off to avoid possible rejection, but in reality it is best to be honest. If she likes you back she will be happy to hear that you feel the same way, and if she doesn’t feel the same way it is better for you to find out now so you can move on. After all, if she doesn’t like you now, it is unlikely that she will change her mind in the future – and you shouldn’t hang around hoping that her feelings will change!

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