Tips For British Men Dating In America


If you are a British man and you want to date an American woman, it can be useful to learn about dating culture in the US. This is because dating is slightly different in America, and knowing the differences will make it easier for you to have a fun dating experience.

Here are five tips for British men dating in America.


Tips For Dating In America: Dating Is Very Casual

The dating scene in America is very casual – so don’t assume a date means the beginning of a relationship. Sure, if a woman agrees to go on a date with you it is likely that she finds you somewhat interesting or attractive, but it doesn’t mean that she necessarily has strong feelings for you. So if you manage to bag a first date, don’t take it too seriously (or you may get hurt)!


It Is Normal To Date Multiple People

In the US it is totally normal to date multiple people. This may seem a little harsh, but it tends to only happen at the very beginning; once a woman knows she likes you, she will ask about starting an exclusive relationship.


Drinking On Dates Isn’t As Common As It Is In The UK

In the UK most dates take place at night in a bar or a restaurant, so drinking is common – expected, even. But in America things are very different; lots of people prefer casual coffee dates, so drinking isn’t a guarantee. This might make you feel a little nervous, but in reality you don’t need alcohol to have fun if you are with the right woman.


Daytime Dates Are Fairly Popular

Daytime dates are also very popular in the US, so don’t expect every date to take place at night time. We think this is a really good thing, as it means there are lots more date options to choose from (such as a walk in the park, or a bike ride)!


Sex On The First Date?

Sex on the first date might happen, but it isn’t very likely. Research has found that most Americans wait until the third date before they have sex, which is pretty similar to the UK. Of course sex on the first date does happen sometimes, but if you expect to happen it is likely that you will be let down!

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